Strapless White Dress

Long hair curled strapless white dress Strappy heels and white dress Clock towerHappy Monday! And hello to all my new bloglovin subscribers!

Friday I was featured on Lauren Conrad’s website and I’ve been smiling all weekend because of it. I’m excited to meet and chat with all the new visitors that stumbled onto my little blog. Please feel free to leave me your blog link in the comment section so I can stop by!

Today’s outfit, believe it or not, is another clearance find!…

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Lavender Swing Top

Lavender swing top Lavender top winery

I recently tried an a new blouse style, the halter swing top! It kept me cool but also looked dressier than a basic tank top. And guess what, it only cost $10 thanks to the clearance sale Express was having.

Unfortunately, Express is all sold out of these tops but I found a few similar items you can try if you’re interested in experimenting with this look.

$24 Meg Woven Halterneck from…

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Cheers to Your Proportions

What’s Your Biggest Clothing Struggle?

polka dot skirt

I have no waist. I’m like a box with limbs and a melon stacked on top (you think I’m joking but I’m not, Lol). I can either find something that fits my waist or something that fits my chest and hips.

I’m hoping that as I continue working out my body will reshape in a way that’ll make shopping a little easier. But if not, oh well… there are other first world problems I can focus on. Like what if…

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'Married at First Sight' is a MUST SEE new show!


Tuesdays just became my favorite TV night! I was browsing through Yahoo articles and ended up reading about this seemingly unreal show where two strangers meet at the altar and get married. And you know what? I watched it and loved it.  (more…)

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5 Happiness Quotes to Help You Get Happy!

5 Happiness Quotes to Help You Get Happy!

happy puppy

In general, I’m a pretty happy person. Give me a puppy, and there’s a good chance that I might explode into rainbows and glitter. Lol. In case you can’t find something adorable and small to cuddle and you’re having a rough day, here are 5 great outlooks on happiness. Enjoy!

1.“The best feeling in the world is realizing that you’re perfectly happy without the thing you thought you needed” -Marxie

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Tevana Blackberry Mojito

how to make iced teablackberry mojito tevana

Every time I walk into Tevana, I buy tea. It probably has something to with all the free samples they have. One little sip and I’m begging them to sell me whatever I just drank.  (more…)

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Trending: Overalls

Overalls for Women?

Denim Overalls

Overalls are taking over the world this summer but are they universally flattering? And are they age-appropriate for someone 25+? (more…)

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Kristen Stewart’s Bold New Bob Haircut!

kristen-stewart-haircut-bob red

Is pop culture currently in the middle of a 1920′s short hair revival? Because everyone seems to be heading to the hair salon for a significant chop! The latest girl to join the celebrity haircut club is Kristen Stewart.  (more…)

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Anna Kendrick Elle Magazine July Cover

Anna Kendrick Elle Magazine Cover Fun in the pool

Anna Kendrick is pretty awesome. She seems so down to earth and I love her sense of humor! And if all that weren’t enough, she’s also gorgeous. For today’s style thief post, I decided to create a look inspired by her 2014 July Elle Cover.  (more…)

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